08 November 2012


So, life. Life comes in many forms, but the one we are most used to is our own. Here I shall tell you about mine. Welcome to the mind of an airplane fanatic!

To start off the blog, here is a picture of an airplane. Expect many more in the future! This is one of my landing in CYYC (Calgary, Canada).

As some of you may or may not know, I love airplanes. I plan to pursue a career either very closely tied with aviation, or directly related to aviation. A.K.A, either a pilot or a meteorologist. I plan on getting training in both areas of interest. Currently, I plan on attending UND (University of North Dakota) when I graduate to get a degree in meteorology, then moving to Belgium to start my flight training!

That is all for today. My arms are sore from PT in JROTC. Later!