09 November 2012

School.. is as always, a pain.

After devouring a Kit-Kat, I am ready to tackle the weekend and get some work done...hopefully. Today was a tiring day. Drove to school and power-walked to the learning lab to take a test. I didn't want to be late. As far as the knowledge part of the ASVAB goes, it's fairly simple. The car and mechanical things threw me off though, which sucks. I was hoping to top my friend's score of 88. Such was my morning.

After the ASVAB, I had Japanese. Fridays is always a Japanese day where no English or any other language may be spoken, only Japanese. I had no idea what was going on since I came back in the middle of the class. I did, however, manage to have a conversation with the sensei (teacher) about flying and getting lessons. I call that a success! Also, as a bonus, a hilarious Japanese commercial. Hilarious Japanese video! Kudos to anyone who knows what song that is.

The rest of the day went pretty well, though I still have some work I need to do by next week, such as finish the newsletter for JROTC. Fun!

As promised, here is a daily airplane picture:

Well, till later readers! Stay tuned for more airplane fun!

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  1. You're really getting good at this Blogger-Blogger stuff, kiddo! Nice post! :D