07 January 2014

Long time

Hey, so it's been a while. Life is interesting. I will be updating more later.

03 January 2013

Too long

Happy New Year everyone! Hope this year bring you many joys! It has been a long time since my last blog post. So sorry about that.

Midterms next week though... woot. Should be fun, with the huge AP packets and all.

So, winter break just ended on a high note this week. I turned 17, and my pilot's logbook gained a pound, er, I mean, an hour. It was a wonderful flight. High clouds, a slight wind and a very nice instructor. I hope to have my logbook gain many hours in the future!

On the flight, I flew from the takeoff all the way to short final. We had a parallel approach to RDU's runway 23L with an AA 737-800 landing 23R. It was fantastic!

14 November 2012

Wednesday Blues

I seem to have Monday blues, on a Wednesday. Fun. I have no motivation to do any work today, or at all this week. Can't wait for Thanksgiving Break next week though. Gotta work though, though not much.

Big news! My license came in the mail today! I am now officially allowed to drive between 5 am and 9 pm. Woot! Plane spotting, here I come!!

Today, we had picture day for JROTC, though I didn't buy any pictures. Oh well, next year I can do that. In the meantime, another picture from my simulator!

And since I couldn't decide on one, I put two. Oh well, enjoy!

School has been tedious the past few days. I didn't come home with a very good report last quarter, so I have to make up for that by getting much better grades this quarter. Already off to a slightly rocky start in one of my classes, but I'm not too worried. Just need to study more.
Hopefully, in the next few days, I shall start posting some poems. Be forewarned, some of them aren't happy. Till tomorrow!

PS: Sorry about forgetting yesterday's post! Hope the two pictures makes up for it!

12 November 2012

Veteran's Day

To start off the post, I want to thank all current, past and future men and women who serve to protect our nation. A whole nation thanks you!

Yesterday was very long, hence why this post is late. I started off the day with a short simulator flight from Buffalo to Detroit, then headed over to Salt Lake City to fly to Denver. Then I joined my friends in Minneapolis in a flight from Omaha. I am now headed to Dallas from Minneapolis.

Yesterday, we went out for fondue for my brother's birthday, which was today. It was great fun! Today, I went to go see the new James Bond movie, which was epic! No new flight simulator pictures, so I shall leave you with one of my spotting pictures from a couple months ago. Enjoy!

10 November 2012


First day of weekend! Yes! Today was a great day! Drove down to the airport for some spotting. Today was busier than normal, though I'm not complaining. ;) Got to get up-close to a Delta 737-800. I hope to someday be able to fly these beauties. Right when I walked up, the pilots waved. I quickly returned their wave. I have so many more pictures to edit. I don't know how to properly edit them to get them on jetphotos.net. If someone does, shoot me an email please!

I also got to see the London flight arrive today!

All in all, today was a pretty good day. Got my homework done, now just need to get to that newsletter. More pictures to come later. Seeya!

09 November 2012

School.. is as always, a pain.

After devouring a Kit-Kat, I am ready to tackle the weekend and get some work done...hopefully. Today was a tiring day. Drove to school and power-walked to the learning lab to take a test. I didn't want to be late. As far as the knowledge part of the ASVAB goes, it's fairly simple. The car and mechanical things threw me off though, which sucks. I was hoping to top my friend's score of 88. Such was my morning.

After the ASVAB, I had Japanese. Fridays is always a Japanese day where no English or any other language may be spoken, only Japanese. I had no idea what was going on since I came back in the middle of the class. I did, however, manage to have a conversation with the sensei (teacher) about flying and getting lessons. I call that a success! Also, as a bonus, a hilarious Japanese commercial. Hilarious Japanese video! Kudos to anyone who knows what song that is.

The rest of the day went pretty well, though I still have some work I need to do by next week, such as finish the newsletter for JROTC. Fun!

As promised, here is a daily airplane picture:

Well, till later readers! Stay tuned for more airplane fun!

08 November 2012


So, life. Life comes in many forms, but the one we are most used to is our own. Here I shall tell you about mine. Welcome to the mind of an airplane fanatic!

To start off the blog, here is a picture of an airplane. Expect many more in the future! This is one of my landing in CYYC (Calgary, Canada).

As some of you may or may not know, I love airplanes. I plan to pursue a career either very closely tied with aviation, or directly related to aviation. A.K.A, either a pilot or a meteorologist. I plan on getting training in both areas of interest. Currently, I plan on attending UND (University of North Dakota) when I graduate to get a degree in meteorology, then moving to Belgium to start my flight training!

That is all for today. My arms are sore from PT in JROTC. Later!